About me

Lisa BennI have had an interest in human and animal behaviour for as long as I can remember. Wonderful animals in my life over the years have taught me a great deal about the importance of empathy and the need to really understand and acknowledge their behaviour. This forms the foundation from which I now work. 

I have been involved with animals and their owners professionally for over 15 years. I always felt that a lack of understanding and effective communication was a factor with many problem behaviours and that harsh training techniques were inappropriate and potentially damaging. As a result I started to research and develop alternative methods to more effectively train and communicate with animals.

Every animal that I have worked with has taught me something new and increased my understanding of their needs and behaviour. I find it tremendously rewarding to work with animals and their owners to find that mutual understanding, resolving their issues and improving their relationship.

Animal Behaviour Counselling

I have over 15 yrs experience working with horses. I trained initially with the British Horse Society (BHS) and worked as a horse riding instructor and a groom for event and dressage horses but always felt that the traditional training methods using force and pain to get the horses to comply seemed inappropriate and unnecessary.

As a result I became more interested in behaviour (both animal and human) and formally studied the science of behaviour and learning for 3 years on the Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling (CABC) Post Graduate Diploma and then Masters courses at the University of Southampton.  These courses enabled me to study the most up to date and effective training methods to resolve a wide range of problem behaviours such as aggression, handling problems and destructive behaviours whilst improving the relationship between the animal and owner.  On completion I was awarded an MSc with distinction in Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling from the University of Southampton.

I now concentrate on working with dogs and horses with behaviour problems and find it incredibly rewarding to help owners understand their pet's behaviour and iron out conflict. I am passionate about helping owners resolve any issues so that their pets can be the wonderful partners and companions they were always intended to be.

I am the Equine Behaviour Advisor to the wonderful Mane Chance Sanctuary in Surrey and regularly visit the sanctuary to advise on the rehabilitation and training of their rescued horses and ponies. For more information about Mane Chance Sanctuary, go to www.manechancesanctuary.org

 I am a Provisional Member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC) as while I have attained the relevant academic accreditation required to conduct behaviour consultations I am still working to gain the requisite experience to become a Full Member.


I became involved with healing quite by chance many years ago after seeing a pony receiving healing. I was sceptical at first but quickly became fascinated at her response as when she felt the healing she immediately became very calm and relaxed and seemed to really enjoy the experience. This was the first time I had seen 'first hand' how effective healing could be to help with physical and emotional illness. The gentle non-invasive and non-confrontational approach really reasonated with me and made me realise the potential for healing to help animals, particularly those that were nervous or fearful.

After this experience I chose to learn more about healing and it's potential benefits so I joined The Healing Trust, formally the National Federation of Spiritual Healers (NFSH), the largest and oldest membership organisation for energy healing in the UK. I enroled on their 2 year healer training program which I completed in 2009 and have been a fully accredited and registered healer with The Healing Trust for humans and animals ever since.

As a Full Healer Member I am fully insured and adhere to their strict code of conduct and The Veterinary Surgeons Act (1966). I also mentor student healers as they work through their official Healing Trust training.

I have attended many specialised CPD training courses on healing for humans, horses and pets, and animal communication. Teachers included Margrit Coates and Elizabeth Whiter. I am also a qualified Reiki practitioner for humans and animals.

I work with humans and all species of animal from horses down to small furries and birds and find that healing can be hugely beneficial for the treatment of physical, emotional and behavioural problems. I started to introduce healing into my animal behaviour work and found that it quickly helped the animal relax,  gained their trust and opened up a form of communication that helped them better understand what was being asked of them which really helped when teaching animals alternative behaviours.

My MSc thesis at the University of Southampton examined the use of healing to reduce stress in kennelled cats in rescue centres. I studied 42 cats and the results showed that the level of stress experienced by the cats was significantly lower after they had received healing. It also showed that cats who received healing had significantly lower levels of stress than the cats who did not receive healing. The effect that was still present several hours later.

More information about this study is available on request.