Behaviour counselling

DogMy philosophy

I believe passionately that every animal deserves a chance and that many ‘problem’ behaviours result from miscommunication between animal and carer. Using positive reward based training methods I address the problem behaviours whilst working to improve the relationship between the horse or pet and their carer. Often the relationship can be compromised when the animals we have to enrich our lives start misbehaving and cause stress, embarrassment and frustration. I work with you to help you understand how the problem started and how it is being maintained and then give you practical solutions to enable you to correct the problem behaviours and rebuild your relationship with your horse or pet.

Every animal is an individual so I work closely with the animal and it's carer to diagnose and treat problem behaviours. I then develop a tailor-made behaviour modification program to best address the difficulties.

A typical consultation lasts approximately 2 hours. I take a detailed history about the problems you are experiencing with your horse or pet and take time to observe their behaviour. I then advise on the best action to take and give you the tools and skills required to tackle the issues.

After the consultation I send you a written report and staged behaviour modification plan to follow and I am available to give you telephone support following your consultation if required to help you through the program.

The cost for a 1-2-1 consultation, personalised behaviour modification program and telephone support is £95. Travel is free within a 20 mile radius of Marlborough, Wiltshire, after which travel expenses will be charged at 50p/mile. Many problems can be addressed in just one consultation but if your pet requires any follow-up sessions, they will be charged at £65 per session which again includes a personalised behaviour modification program to cover what was discussed in the session and telephone support.

I do not support the use of aversive techniques or gadgets to force an animal to comply and instead use patience and my knowledge of species typical behaviour to work with the animal rather than against them to modify problem behaviours. If required I can also include healing in my consultations. For more information visit the healing page.

To discuss your situation and find out if I can help, please contact me on 01672 516226 or 07752 841383 or email

Please note, I work on vet referral in order to ensure that your pet’s problem behaviours are not caused by an underlying medical condition, thus permission must be sought from your vet prior to consultation.