Healing for pets

Happy dogHow can healing benefit my pet?

Healing can potentially benefit all animals from dogs, cats and birds to small furries.

It is a relaxing, non-invasive complementary therapy that assists with the healing of physical illness or injury. Healing can reduce inflammation, boost immune function, accelerate wound healing and stimulate the body’s own natural healing processes. It complements veterinary treatment and has no negative side effects.

Healing is also beneficial for pets experiencing emotional problems. If they are experiencing emotional distress such as fear, frustration or anxiety it is often reflected in their behaviour leading to the development of unwanted behaviours such as aggression, destruction of the home or excessive vocalisation. Healing helps in such cases as it addresses the underlying emotion behind the behaviour. Healing can help reduce anxiety, increase trust and confidence and improve the relationship between pet and carer. It can also help pets settle into a new home or routine and release negative energy from previous traumatic experiences.

Happy dog enjoying a walk

Healing can be particularly beneficial when used in conjunction with a behaviour modification program as it helps open up the lines of communication between pet and carer and encourages mutual respect and understanding.

As every pet is an individual, every healing session is tailored to their individual needs. I believe passionately that healing should be accessible to all and when I work I use my knowledge and experience of animal behaviour to ensure the pet and their carer gain the maximum benefit from my sessions.

To discuss your situation and find out if I can help, please contact me on 01672 516226 or 07752 841383 or email info@understandingpets.co.uk

Healing is a complementary therapy, to complement conventional medicine and should not be used as an alternative to conventional medicine. Under the terms of the Veterinary Surgeons Act (1966) it is a requirement that Veterinary approval is attained before an animal can receive healing.