''I cannot recommed Lisa highly enough. I asked for her help with a mare I had just bought who was wary of people. Her previous owners had had great difficulty catching her. Just by standing near the horse and sending energy the horse visibly relaxed- yawning, sighing, licking and chewing and after the session hung around with us for about half an hour. After 2 sessions, she is a different horse. I don't know how she does it but it's wonderful!''

Polly, Lady's carer




''Lisa came to our house and gave energy healing to Chloe our cat who had pain and discomfort around her tail and back end. Chloe was also angry and anoyed at our younger cat Jesse. Lisa did healing work with Chloe which transformed her into a relaxed cat with good energy. Her tail and back legs are comfortable again. Lisa also explained the dynamics between the 2 cats and talked about cat behaviour in general. This has helped us to back up Chloe and gently guide Jesse to restore some peace and happiness for both cats.''

Louise, Chloe's carer



Healing and Behaviour Counselling

''Lisa exudes calm and confidence and is professionally and highly qualified in animal behaviour. She has helped us tremendously with our highly strung and slightly difficult whippet Toby who had a few issues. After consulting her, Lisa spent a morning with us followed up promptly with a very comprehensive written report with suggestions that were clear and easy to follow. These were not only on behaviour but on practical issues like walking equipement. Her wonderful healing that she gave Toby has had a noticable and beneficial effect and he has let go of a lot of issues from his troubled past and is such a happier dog - with happier owners - thanks to Lisa.

If you have a dog with problems, do not hesitate to consult Lisa and seek her advice and healing. There is something that can be done!''

Jan, Toby's carer



Healing and Behaviour Counselling

"We asked Lisa for help when our sensitive spaniel was having some problems with the arrival of a new puppy. After spending some time with us all she provided a comprehensive report and was always on hand to answer any queries and provide support. The advice she gave has transformed our relationship with our beautiful dog and we are all much happier as a result. I can't recommend her highly enough; she has a gift for healing which she combines naturally with her behavioural skills and extensive knowledge, and her love of and rapport with animals is obvious. Our dog absolutely loved her visits and we remain very grateful for her help. Thank you Lisa!"

Ruth, Molly's Owner



Maisie"Lisa is a special soul, her love and compassion for animals and humans radiates from her. She is so gifted in many areas, she is a wonderful trainer of animals (and humans) and a spiritual  healer. She is able to talk to animals and what is even more special, able to “hear” their response. I was able to experience all of Lisa’s special qualities when she visited me to help with my new rescue dog, a Portuguese Potengo called Maisie.

Behaviour training:

Maisie is a bright, reasonably well adjusted dog but had a few issues which needed dealing with eg. growling at some dogs if they approached her and occasionally snapping at a stranger when they entered the house. She is a very playful dog and was very persistent with visitors, expecting them to play ball etc endlessly until she eventually became a nuisance.

During just one session, Lisa trained me how to observe Maisie’s body language and taught me how to put into practice various programs for each issue. I was able to watch Lisa start Maisie on this new training programme. It was wonderful to see how Maisie responded immediately to Lisa’s directions,  it has taken me a little longer to get the same response! Since carrying out Lisa’s programs Maisie is a different dog, looking to me for direction just as Lisa taught us and we are working together to make her life happier as well as the humans around her. Family and friends are amazed at the difference in her and enjoy playing with her now, knowing that she will stop when they choose.


 It was fascinating to watch Lisa healing Maisie and to see Maisie’s response, Maisie, usually very lively, was very calm, lying down quietly, pushing either her head or some other part of her body towards Lisa. This was a very special session for Maisie, and myself, to experience. I do feel that the healing session has played an important part in changing Maisie’s behaviour".


This was fascinating, Lisa asked Maisie about her past before she was rescued and Lisa was able to tell me in detail Maisie’s previous experiences. If anyone questions the validity of this extraordinary tale I can tell you that Lisa described in detail a previous foster home , which I had seen and every detail was correct , which implies that the rest of the information , which was unknown to us, was also true.

The training, healing and reading all happened  in one session, and the result is a lovely well -adjusted dog and human (well most of the time) I thoroughly recommend Lisa and all her amazing gifts.

Jackie, Maisie's Owner



Behaviour Counselling

Mya"I bought a Labrador (gundog) puppy in July 2012. We had already owned two dogs in our home but Mya was not like our other dogs- at all. She came across as very naughty, disobedient and not very bright. I was at my wits end then Lisa rescued us. She explained to us Mya's world and taught us the best way to communicate with her, that she was bright and not naughty but didn't come with the same manual as my other two dogs!

Lisa visited us twice and our life and Mya's changed dramatically, for the better.  I highly recommend Lisa to anybody struggling with their canine friend, to call her immediately, don't wait and see like I did’’                                                                                                                       

Carrie, Mya’s Owner


Rocky (and Sunny and Coco!)


RockyRocky is a 14yr TB ex-racehorse. In his time on the track he had some success and he now lives with a really understanding carer who has given him lots of time to overcome the emotional scars from his racing days.

Rocky is a very sensitive and rather neurotic chap who worries about pretty much everything. I was called to see him as he tended to ‘boil over’ very easily and once in this state it was impossible to calm him down. He would act on impulse without thinking which made him a danger to both himself and anyone else who happened to be near him at the time.

Since having healing there has been a huge change in Rocky’s attitude and behaviour. He no longer goes into ‘the red zone’ and if he does get worked up he calms down much more quickly. He is also generally less clingy, more confident, more relaxed and happier in himself.

Rocky lives with a small herd and I give him healing out in the field surrounded by his field mates as he is more relaxed when amongst them. Healing doesn’t just help the animal that is being treated- any other animals that are close by also sense the energy and often come over to benefit from it.

One such example is one of Rocky’s field mates, a Fell called Sunny who is a real healing junkie! On one occasion I was giving Rocky some healing and Sunny came over. He rested his head on my shoulder and remained there with his eyes closed until the healing had finished. I returned the following week to give Rocky a top up and shortly after the healing began, I heard a thud behind me. I turned round to see Sunny lying down about 1 metre behind me with his chin resting on the ground and eyes closed. He remained there fast asleep until I had finished giving Rocky the healing! As soon as I had finished, Sunny got up and they both calmly walked off together.

Sunny is not the only member of the herd to take advantage of Rocky’s healing (see Coco on the right in the picture also enjoying the healing).



Healing and behaviour counselling

TaffyTaffy was 17 months old when rescued by his owner from an auction where he was in very poor condition. He was underweight, riddled with lice and terrified of people.

I was asked to work with Taffy as he was so traumatised he was unable to be handled. He was very stressed, scared and would panic and flee if anyone tried to approach him.

Taffy’s behaviour suggested that he had experienced very limited positive contact with humans so it was important to focus on increasing his trust and building confidence. Healing was a great therapy for Taffy as the gentle, non-confrontational approach quickly helped him to relax without any direct physical contact.

Taffy responded immediately when he felt the healing, dropping his head and closing his eyes, yawning and yawning while I was standing just feet away- a huge contrast from his previous fearful behaviour.

Within a couple of sessions, he allowed me to administer the healing ‘hands on’ through a light touch and this quickly led to Taffy allowing me to touch him all over, first with healing and then without. Taffy really loved the healing and was so relaxed following one session that he even lay down and dozed off before I had a chance to leave his stable!

Taffy 2

The healing made it clear that I was there to help and Taffy quickly began to trust me. Over the next few weeks and months I introduced a behaviour modification program to gradually get Taffy used to being handled and learn to enjoy interactions with humans.

After several months, Taffy becoming a happy forward thinking and confident pony who enjoyed going for walks around the village and loved human contact. He was surprisingly bold and really enjoyed seeing new things and exploring new areas.

The combination of healing and a behaviour modification program enabled Taffy to overcome his early traumas and develop into a really lovely pony.


Kirstie (Golden retriever)


“Kirstie has been suffering from a series of skin infections. On each occasion her Vet prescribed Rilexine (an antibiotic) and Fuciderm Gel. In June the condition became quite severe, reducing Kirstie’s quality of life significantly. Areas of the skin were inflamed and angry. She would often collapse in pain.

Following Lisa’s healing, her condition improved daily. After less than 1 week all symptoms had disappeared and we had a very happy Kirstie again. Not only did Lisa treat Kirstie with love and compassion (which she adored) but she cured her condition in just a few days, which conventional medicine was unable to do.

We are happy to record that 11 weeks later Kirstie remains fit and healthy.

We thoroughly recommend Lisa as a Healer and would not hesitate to ask for her help again”.

Ann and Donald, Kirstie's Owners

Feedback from talks

"Lisa is a lovely speaker. She engages well with her audience in a friendly but knowledgeable manner. She plainly has years of experience and expertise from working with animals and conveys this confidently. She has a gentle touch with animals and humans and people are drawn to her to find out more about her and her work.

She talks in a calm, positive way and engages with her audience immediately. A delight to listen to and a joy to begin to understand what she teaches."

Annie, Event organiser


"I have attended 2 talks given by Lisa Benn on animal healing. Lisa is a wonderfully inspiring speaker and her love of animals and humans shines from her. She tells some beautiful stories about her healing sessions and also describes in detail the process of animal healing. Having listened to Lisa I immediately made an appointment for her to see my new rescue dog. She has also inspired me to learn how to do animal healing myself. I would very much recommend one of Lisa’s talks, such a fascinating and interesting subject."

Jackie, Salisbury, Wiltshire